Are you sick of generic leadership theory seminars that lead to ZERO change?


A series of proven, learnable leadership BEHAVIORS and actions guaranteed to turn any  leader and any group into a POWERHOUSE.


I’ve seen it time and again over my 30 year career:

Leaders who are frustrated. Burned out. Stalled. Ready to quit. 

You thought leadership would be the path to greatness. Instead it’s been a path to misery.

You desperately want to be a great leader, but nothing is going as planned. 

For whatever reason, you simply aren’t effective at leading and managing your people.

There is infighting, gossip, and backstabbing.

Work bullies pick on the easy targets. 

Productivity is plummeting and work morale is seriously suffering.

Some employees may even be using drugs or alcohol on the job. 

You spend less and less time making progress and more time dealing with the massive interpersonal problems plaguing your group.

You feel like you’re spinning your wheels,
and you dread going into work. 

And let's face it...


–you’ve probably attended leadership training sessions and read leadership training books. 

A lot of good those did. 

All you got was a bunch of supposedly “irrefutable” abstract principles and theories. 

But there’s just one problem: principles and theories aren’t much good when it comes to real people.

You need real solutions that can be applied from day one.

Real answers for real problems. 

You need to know exactly what to DO. 

–How do you handle an unruly subordinate?

–How do you cause your team to work as a powerful unit?

–How do you get exceptional performance from your group? 

Most importantly, what ACTIONS must you take as leader? 

Forget theories and principles…

Which raises the question:

Do you, as a leader, know these behaviors and actions? 

Do you know what it takes to lead  a great team? 

Do you know what it takes to be a great leader?

These behaviors are practical.

They are simple.

They are immediately actionable.

They will
transform the way you lead.

They will transform the people you lead.

They will change things today.

“He has consistently achieved measurable improvements in staff development and productivity, team-focused direction, and success where success is hard to derive.”

--Teresa H.,  P.E., Assistant Manager, Water Treatment District

After 30 years of helping frustrated, exhausted managers become elite, respected leaders, I’ve learned something profound.









And the good news for you is that I know EXACTLY which behaviors separate elite teams from mediocre ones…

...and I want to teach them to you. 

And honestly, you could probably figure out some of this stuff yourself…

...over the next 30 years of your career. 

But WHY in the world would you do that?

I’ve done all the hard work for you. I know what works.

I know exactly what separates great leaders from mediocre ones.

This isn’t purely theory. 




Now I want to give you the finished product to IMMEDIATELY implement. 

This is literally a leadership FAST TRACK.

For 30 years of experience and an immediate fast track to greatness, I should be charging at least $497. 

I’ve used these behaviors to build highly-effective teams, manage hundred-million dollar projects, and negotiate radical solutions in highly conflicted environments.

But I’m passionately committed to helping hundreds of thousands of people achieve their true leadership potential, and I’m willing to do whatever it takes. 

More on what you'll get out of the 40 Steps To Becoming The Effective Leader Masterclass:


You will become a force for change within your own life and the lives of those you lead. When you use this material day-after-day, you will witness a sea change in your own abilities. You will begin to transform the way that you look at the world and your own ability to create big successes on a daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly basis. You’ll collect new insights that will change how you respond and react to problems. Suddenly, the employee you couldn’t reach is asking for your advice. Suddenly, the insurmountable problems that used to sweat you now seem exciting and stimulating. This is what being effective feels like.


We have taken out the guesswork – THIS STUFF WORKS and we give you specific Action Items that teach you HOW to use it. You don’t need to figure out what to do next! This masterclass tells you EXACTLY what to do next, giving you 40 Action Items that will solve your everyday leadership challenges. No more anemic leadership advice from stodgy professors! This material is chock-full of valuable, action-packed information. Finally–some advice that you can use, from somebody who has been in the trenches and gets it.


You’ll BREAK THROUGH your mental barriers and see a much clearer picture of the world. In this masterclass, you’ll learn how to get past the bad mindsets that have been taught to all of us from a young age by people who didn’t know any better. These bad ideas that we’ve picked up can really hold us back in life. Some of the complex topics, like reducing personal biases and cognitive fallacies, are broken down so that you can understand them and understand how they are holding your back. I kid you not–this is like seeing The Matrix, or having x-ray glasses, allowing you to see yourself and your group with brand new mental clarity! Using this information will help you to develop your own leadership intelligence–a skill that you will be able to use everywhere in your life.


You will ENJOY the effect this material has on your entire life! Leading better, seeing the world with more clarity, and knowing what to do next makes life a lot more fun, and makes the stress of everyday challenges a lot more bearable. Once you really apply these fundamental techniques into your life and into your group, you will be able to enjoy the fruits of that process as the gains begin to roll in.


BONUS: Growing as a leader means better relationships. The first portion of this class takes you through the behaviors and actions that can turn you into a more effective leader. Becoming a more effective leader means you get so much better at relationship building. In doing so, you become a better neighbor, better spouse, better friend, and better parent. When you increase your effectiveness in relationship building, you become a magnet for healthy and deeply satisfying experiences.  

Literally, for the price of one month of cell phone service, you can…


Solve the leadership struggles that have been haunting you for YEARS.


Eliminate interpersonal problems that have been absolutely KILLING your team.


Become an elite, RESPECTED leader within your company and community.


Take the career LEAP you’ve been striving after but never reached.


Avoid the painful MISTAKES so many of your colleagues are making.


Be FREE from the old mindsets that are SABOTAGING your career.

I am so confident that the actions you will learn as part of 40 Steps will transform your leadership, that I’m willing to take all the risk myself. If you implement these actions and they don’t work, I will refund 100% of your money within 30 days.

Think about that. There is literally no downside to this. This will work.


Q: Is it really that simple? There is nothing simple about my job. 


A: Any group setting has a lot of moving parts. If the group is in bad shape, then the complexity can grow exponentially. So I agree–this stuff is very dynamic. Most leadership training fails when it comes to addressing the specifics of solving these problems. Vague statements like, “improve your communication” or “apply corrective action” don’t contain any useful information, and are completely open to interpretation – leading to bad implementation and counter-productive results. What this training does is remove the need to “interpret the training” and gives you the exact action to take in order to create the exact desired outcome. That’s why I think my method is highly effective for reducing these problems, and yes, even simple.  


Q: How is this different than other types of leadership training?


A: Many training courses justify their approaches with flowery theories, however impractical those theories turn out to be. However, it is my experience that if what you learn at a leadership course can’t be applied with a reasonable amount of effort in the field when you get back to work, then it is as if the student never attended the course. Other courses give bewildering suggestions that the student has to interpret (as was answered in the first question), and more often than not, these suggestions lead to counterproductive interpretation. While other types of training from the organizational development industry uses a “flavor of the month” mindset – attempting to restructure companies with the latest greatest brand new shiny leadership gizmo. What is different here, is that all of this was field tested by yours truly, and there was a lot of stuff I tried that didn't work. Bottom line: all of the content included here has been tested and proven to be highly effective in the field.


Q: This program seems great, I’m just concerned about the price. Is it worth 97 dollars?


A: If you use the strategies I present in this program, you will not only save yourself a ton of headaches and thousands of dollars in wasted man hours, but your team will be operating with levels of effectiveness you didn’t even realize were possible within your industry. I personally guarantee that this stuff works, but if you don’t like the product, there is a 30-day 100% money-back guarantee. That doesn’t mean you won’t have to work to get results, but if you follow the steps in this masterclass, you will see huge changes in your performance and the responsiveness of those who work with you.


What if I am new to leadership? Is this program right for me?


Yes, this course is for leaders at every level! One of the biggest challenges I hear from new leaders is that they have been promoted into a management position without receiving any additional leadership training. They were promoted based on a high-level of technical proficiency in their former position, but what we know is that technical performance does not translate into a capacity for leadership. For new leaders, this can create a high-level of anxiety, as they apply their high-school or college social skills to real world leadership challenges and are surprised when they get poor results. This program was created for leaders at any level–from those with years of experience who want to unlearn bad habits and break through to greener pastures, to those who are just starting out and want to save themselves years of headaches and frustration.


I can’t seem to break through to my team. There’s not a lot of good will on the job right now. Can this masterclass help me?


Leadership is all about working effectively with those around you, whether it’s your boss, your fellow managers or senior managers, or your those who report to you. When you learn to lead effectively, others begin to trust you more. When that happens, their anxiety goes down, and the channels of communication begin to flow more smoothly. It will take a bit of time, but when you employ the techniques you learn in this masterclass–you will see a big shift in the way people respond to you.


I have my own leadership style. Can I pick and choose which techniques to use from this training?


I think that if you can successfully apply even 20% of this material, you will see some explosive results. That being said, this course is all about behavior techniques–I teach the precise steps because I think that success is all about figuring out what actions create the most success and repeating them over and over again. I recommend you try everything in the course a few times before deciding not to use something, even the things that seem strange or unfamiliar. Trying new things can feel strange at first, but it’s my firm belief that if you want to see true growth, you need to be willing to experiment with some things that you haven’t tried before.


You seem to have a lot of experience. What do you think gives you an edge over your competitors?


Well, I think there’s some great material out there, and a lot of good people writing books and giving seminars who want to help leaders get better results. What’s missing is a comprehensive program that focuses on behavior instead of theory. There is a lot of great Ivy League literature on group behaviors and organizational development. And that stuff makes great popcorn reading. Unfortunately, when it comes time to work with others and get down to brass tacks, that material falls flat. I’ve seen it time and time again. My personal goal is to help thousands of leaders and groups around the world maximize their potential by using behaviors that build collaboration and effectiveness. These tools are powerful and empowering, and you will see success when you use them.



Standard leadership training is broken...

They know what must be done, how it must be done, and what each team member must accomplish.

They eliminate distracting problems and harmful people, and they all focus on the objective.

The leaders take specific ACTIONS to empower their team members, and the team members know exactly what BEHAVIORS are expected of them.

What is it that separates these elite groups from those who struggle, underperform, and ultimately fail?

It’s very, very simple, yet so often overlooked.

It comes down to knowing and executing key behaviors and actions.

I know how to FIX these problems and I've done it, many many times!



T   O       B   E   C   O   M   I   N   G

      I   N   T   R   O   D   U   C   I   N   G   .   .   .

“When you work with Bob Donaldson on a challenging, full-of-potential-pitfalls kind of project, you are in for one of the most rewarding professional achievements of your life. He is a master at leading mission-oriented teams who respect, challenge, and support each other in working towards a common goal.”

- Valerie Y.,  Environmental Planning for Government Projects  

Over the last 30 years, I’ve spent thousands of hours working with struggling leaders and dysfunctional teams. 


I know what makes these

leaders tick.


I know what causes their leadership to break down. 

I know ALL the B.S. leadership theories they try and FAIL to implement.

I know how much pain, frustration, and dissatisfaction everyone from the top to the bottom feels. 

I know how exhausting it is for a leader to see his efforts FRUSTRATED. 

I know how much time and money is WASTED.

And best of all?

A standard leadership seminar easily costs . . .

             . . . $500         

           . . . $1000          

. . . even $5000      

Not 40 Steps . . .  


Think about how much time and money you've WASTED on leadership seminars and books.

You get in on this for ONLY $97

It's not about abstract, fuzzy theories.

It's all about actions and behaviors.
(Which any leader can learn)

Here's just a sampling of what you'll discover as part of the 40 Steps Masterclass

It took me 30 years to turn all of my hard-won experience into a series of simple, actionable behaviors.

It's all been tested and refined and retested IN THE TRENCHES.

I know, I know.



The PRECISE behaviors that set GREAT people apart from low achievers...and how to implement those behaviors.


The ACTIONS that great teams (think Google, 3M, etc.) use to COLLABORATE on and CRUSH complex projects.


The surprisingly effective, often-ignored tactics for SUPERCHARGING team productivity.


The exact actions I take to transform problem workers into POWER workers (yes, this can be done!)


The counter-intuitive method for attracting and keeping the BEST employees (no, it’s not just more money).


My powerful method for turning the tables on workplace bullies.


And so, so much more. 

“Bob is able to condense the best from decades of study and his own experience with transforming an organization and individuals, and deliver it in concentrated and immediately usable packages. During Bob's presentations I found my head moving up and down in agreement and mentally holding on while experiencing a tour-de-force of tried and true concepts and rules for the road of becoming a super employee and an effective human being.”

--Ray B., Water Pollution Control Facility Manager

As individuals are truly empowered to perform within the dynamic team environment, be prepared for revolutionary results!

—-Hugh L., CEO, Operations Specialist Services  

In a desperate effort to fix things,

My personal GUARANTEE to you:

This isn't very complicated.

You can continue on as you have been.

Continue having team members who hate their job and dislike their coworkers.

struggling to make any progress as a leader while your peers leapfrog ahead.

Continue feeling like you and your team are massively unproductive.


Or you can become part of

40 Steps To Becoming

An Effective Leader 

for only $97

I want to be an ELITE leader!YES! I want to transform my career

It's your career.

It's your choice.

You hold the potential to become a HIGHLY-EFFECTIVE Leader.

Let me help you get there. 

Frequently Asked Questions:

The greatest leaders and teams in the world - those at places like Apple, Google, and GM - achieve greatness by executing a series of ACTIONS.






  • It’s NOT about leadership theories
  • It’s NOT about some squishy leadership principle that sounds great but doesn’t work in real life
  • It’s not about a “revolutionary” leadership model that causes a paradigm shift (whatever that means).

T   H   E      M   A   S   T   E   R   C   L   A   S   S

"Employees were at odds; personal property was being vandalized and communication between work teams was inconsistent at best. Morale was low, and organizational efficiency was extremely poor. 

Within five years, this group became the model that the industry held as an example. Individual and organizational awards began flowing in. The organization became a well-oiled machine that translated into highly motivated and efficient work teams that either met or exceeded all objectives of its mission statement."

— Karl R., Operations and Maintenance Manager,
Joint Powers Association  

Give me access to The 40 Steps!
I want to reach my full potential!




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